Training dates: 7-8 October 2022
Format: remote, via video conference*
Video conference details: will be provided closer to the date

* If you prefer to participate remotely via video conference you MUST book the MiCA live in-person training

Course fees
Full/reduced: 1400,00/800,00* € (net of VAT)
* The reduced fee of 800,00 € is available for employees of the public administration and of NGOs, and for full-time faculty and at public universities (evidence required).

Facts about this training
Training type: Executive short course

Begins: Friday, 7 October 2022, 14:00
Ends: Saturday, 8 October 2022, 16:30

Language: English
Target jurisdictions: EU, EEA, CH
Certificate issued by: Institute for Law and Finance, University of Frankfurt

Why this course is so important …
The European ‘Markets in crypto-assets regulation’ (MiCA) has just been adopted, while last technical details are still being settled. MiCA is widely regarded as a milestone in regulating crypto markets, not only within the EU but globally: it is the first comprehensive regime for crypto-assets enacted in any major financial market and has the potential to inspire regulation in other parts of the world, very much as GDPR did.

MiCA will soon become a core component of the EU financial regulation and practitioners and supervisors alike will need to be familiar with the requirements for crypto-asset products and related services. Skilful navigation of its scope, intersection with other laws such ad MiFID and the EMD, and obligations for incumbent financial institutions and new entrants will be key.

… understand the MiCA framework and secure compliance by design
The core components of MiCA relating to both issuance of crypto-assets and crypto-asset services show some significant parallels with other parts of the regulatory rule book. However, they differ in many respects. For you, it is vital to grasp the relevant concepts and to be able to translate them into usable knowledge whether in-house, as an external advisor, or in a supervisory role. Learn too about eligibility for and application of the flagship DLT Pilot Regime for securities markets infrastructure.

This executive short course is conceived and taught by leading academics and policy makers in this field. Get their first hand insights, combined with coveted knowledge shared by industry insiders and specialists from regulatory and supervisory authorities.

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